The prince has hidden himself in the twilight,

No more chirping, partly visible sight.

The sea still roars,

In the air gentle breeze blows.

Sometimes mild, sometimes turbulent

Waves splash on the rocks again and again.

This enchanting view makes me trembling with joy,

I feel oblivious to the passage of time.

Teacher’s Day

Today, 5th September is one of the significant day in India. Personally, I feel motivated and it awakens my soul to accomplish my mission. This is the day which has been celebrated as “Teacher’s Day” to honour the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepally Radhakrishnan. A child’s first teacher is parent from whom he or she receives initial learning and later lessons are learnt through teachers at school. I would really like to respect all the teachers. In the ancient times, teacher had been respected as ‘Guru’ that means wisdom. Not only that but also the students used to obey the advice of their Guru. I think that a teacher is really a torch-bearer of our life. Therefore, a teacher’s duty is not only to teach the pupils but also to reform them for becoming good citizens of the nation. For that, it is necessary to lead them to a world of illumination by eradicating the inner darkness. A teacher should mingle freely with the students without any discrimination. Finally, a teacher should be efficient enough to make learning pratical, enjoyable and innovative so that students can participate actively with their inquisitive minds.

Un Tyran qui contrôle

Où est le charme, la chaleur, la chanson d’été?

Hélas! Il ne faut pas regretter, c’est déjà passé.

Rien à faire, rien à gagner,

Les feuilles ont déjà perdu leurs couleurs.

Ne pas regardez en arrière,

En travaillant vous cassez la barrière.

Tick tack! Tick tack! Il y a un tyran

À travers le monde, c’est apparent.

Le soleil se couche, partout un silence,

Le pouvoir et le tyran, il y a la ressemblance.


L’espoir, c’est un mot, 
Positif et beau.                                                  
    Un nouvel esprit!                                                  
On recommence sa vie. 
La vie est dure,
Après la nuit, il y a le jour. 
 Le phare illumine malgrè la tempête, 
On profit de la fête après la conquête.
On ne doit pas s’arreter,                                              
  Le destin, on doit accepter.   
          L’essai et la persévérance, 
                                  Cela apporte la renaissance.

Frightful Monster

In the season of Spring,
Suddenly the bell rings.

The door opens, enters a little monster,
With the advent of disaster.

Unknown, invisible,
Nothing is comprehensible. 
 No more gathering in near and distant land,
Life is imprisoned in one island.

Gloom has usurped mirth,
One by one is parting from the earth.
 No places to escape, nowhere to hide, 
Nothing is permanent, it is implied.                                                                          


La vie,
Qu’est-ce que c’est?  
Est-ce que c’est un voyage ou une scène?
Ah c’est difficile de justifier!  
En tant qu’être humain,
Nous la percevons différemment.                           
Parfois c’est colorée,dynamique,amusante,
Elle existe comme un lieu,
Où les gens peuvent explorer des choses intéressantes.
On trouve l’unité dans la diversité.                                             
  On aimerait que la vie soit pleine de joie et de prospérité.                                      
Mais elles ne sont que transitoires,
La vie est courte.                                                   
  Il ne faut pas s’inquieter et aller de l’avant,
C’est comme un labyrinthe qui nous donne une leçon. 
À trouver le chemin avec l’intelligence.
L’humanité et la gentillese peuvent vaincre la vengeance.                  
   L’harmonie est vie pour maintenir la paix.
Le printemps vient aussi après l’hiver.                                            
   Pour notre vie, grâce à Dieu,
C’est lui qui avait déjà crée les cieux.

Worms Destroy Buds

A child can grow as a blooming bud,
But the bud is spoilt by some unscrupulous sud,
We are human beings,                           
But is there any humanity within us? 
 If we look around we can hark only screams,
With broken dreams around us.    
 Little girls are falling prey day by day,
Little boys are crying and dying everyday.
Lack of conscience, full of scorns,
Blooming buds are destroyed by harmful worms.
Sometimes in the factory, sometimes in the family,                                  
Children are maltreated like a slave derogatorily.   

Save the children, save the world,   
Let’s pray for them a better future.


I have come to the world with you,
You have made me know the world anew.
Nobody can take away your place,
Everyday I remember your face.
When you scold, it makes me cry
Without you I cannot survive.
The seeds of discipline you instill within me,
You are always a forgiver,with you the world I see.
When I was born,you endured pain,
Drooping flowers blossom after drops of rain.
You always show the path of honesty and truth,
To sacrifice the life never for falsehood.